Crimp tool application:

·         wire cutting

·         RJ11 (6p2c) connectors

·         RJ12 (6p6c) connectors

·         RJ45 (8p4c) connectors

·         RJ45 (8p6c) connectors

·         RJ45 (8p8c) connectors

·         RJ9 (4p2c) connectors

·         RJ9 (4p4c) connectors

·         RJ11 (6p4c) connectors

Crimp tool features:

·         cable cutting and stripping

·         ergonomic pads on handles

·         blackened tool

·         the crimp correctness is ensured by special ratchet mechanism which enables to open the tool only after finishing the full crimping cycle

Tools set contains:

·         crimp tool

·         screwdriver

Additional information

·         Gross weight: 0.59 kg

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